We need an ethical and effective government that will be a good steward of our tax dollars. For me, leadership starts with service to others and its purpose is to solve the big problems that seem intractable until they're solved. 




Atlanta has emerged from the recession and is on solid financial footing.  City residents have voted for an expanded tax burden for transportation and infrastructure projects. 

The next City government must be good stewards of the City's finances.  Citizens deserve to have full visibility into the city's finances and decision making.  Technology not only makes this possible, it makes it easy.  Citizens deserve to be able to see, in a detailed manner, where their tax dollars are being spent.  

I pledge to bring increased transparency and accessibility to our City finances, which will go a long way in ensuring that public dollars are being spent in an ethical and efficient manner.   

No matter the role, when I make a commitment, I roll up my sleeves and work hard to get things done. That's what I will do on the City Council.