Great cities need great neighborhoods

World-class cities have a number of things in common, including a growing and diverse economy, active citizen involvement, robust city services for residents and businesses, thriving greenspaces and a robust sustainability plan, access to diverse and affordable housing options, and a balanced budget and solid financial condition.

Jennifer's experience as a lawyer, an entrepreneur, a community volunteer, and a parent makes her an effective problem solver, policy maker, and bridge builder:

  • Problem Solver: As a technology entrepreneur, Jennifer is partnering with local nonprofits and healthcare systems to leverage technology to address community health needs.
  • Policy Maker: As a lawyer, Jennifer represented cities, school systems, and companies in developing collaborative solutions to complex problems.  
  • Bridge Builder: Jennifer's long-standing relationship and support from state lawmakers and APS board members will enable the collaborative work needed to move our city forward.

We are on the right track on many fronts but have significant hurdles in others, such as housing and economic mobility.

What does Atlanta need to take the city to the next level?  My vision for the city is one grounded in 

1. Smart growth

2. Ethical and effective government

3. Collaboration with partner governments, business, and the not-for-profit sector to expand opportunity for all.


I will be a strong, effective voice on the Atlanta City Council to represent the vibrant, diverse residents of District 6 and turn our progressive values into action.